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If you are using Corona (or any other software that uses sprite sheets for animations), you need to create sprite sheet files (basically a file with all poses of your animations). There are several sprite sheet software available, although most of them are paid. In order to avoid pay premium for basically just one feature, I decided to create a Photoshop Sprite Sheet Exporter. Check below how it works:

1) Install the extension from here;  Due my fulltime job/commitment with Kwik, I cannot support this script anymore. It is only available now with Kwik’s Subscription

2) Create your animation. Remember that each frame must be created in an independent layer. See the example below (the numbers are just to show the frame numbers):


3) Your layer panel should be like this:


4) When ready, activate the exporter:


5) A new file, called spriteSheet.png will be created in the same folder of the original file. The exporter will create a file with maximum width dimension of 1024px.

Let me know your comments! Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Photoshop Sprite Sheet Exporter

  1. could you please provide also the unpacked script file (not as .mxp)? I have Photoshop Installed by the extension manager is not showing it (reinstall did not help). Thanks!

    1. Matus, can you please tell me your Photoshop version and platform? As you probably know, as soon as you install the extension, you will get access to the source code.

  2. Hi, I’m just getting into developing with Coroner and your spritesheet script is ace. I was wondering though if you ever got round to finishing the Fireworks version as that is really my editor of choice.

    Cheers :)

  3. I’m trying to install this on a pc. Adobe extension manager gives an error saying “You do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation. …”
    I’m an administrator on this machine. Any ideas?

    1. You need to run Adobe Extension Manager as “Administrator” (right click then Run as Administrator…)

  4. Does not work for me, i have CS5 Mac and I create a photoshop file with 5 layers called “frame1″ to “frame 5″, i save the file then try and export the sprite sheets and pictured but i get an error “Please save your file first” :(

    1. Simon,

      If you are using the bits from here, they are not updated (I will update it later today). However, I know you are using Kwik. Use the bits (auto installed with Kwik) from there, as they have the latest fixings.

  5. i was getting the following error and fixed it by editing the source code

    Error 8800: General Photoshop error occurred. This functionality may not be available in this version of Photoshop.
    -”The command “Set” is not currently available”
    line 102: elem.allLocked = false

    Here’s what i did to fix this:
    1. i found the source code file via spotlight on Mac (search for “Sprite Sheet Exporter.jsx”), and command-click it to view it in finder.
    2. Open it with a text editor
    3. Go to line 102 that has the assignment elem.allLocked=false;
    4. Comment out the line by putting two slashes in front of it so it looks like
    // elem.allLocked=false
    5. Save the file

    Re-run the script and it worked perfectly for me! Hope this helps people.

  6. I installed the plugin just fine and opened a 1280 x 1540 blank cmyk document added colored dots on different layers as you instructed to test the plugin out. When I export it as a sprite sheet all I get is a 1 pixel x 1 pixel blank png. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? I’m using photoshop CS5.

  7. I just uploaded a new version (just download it again from the link in the post) that may fix some of the issues you are reporting. Remember thou that I do not spend much time here as my full time job is to bring Kwik ( to mainstream (Sprite Sheet Exporter always get improved first to Kwik users).


  8. You need to release the maximum dimensions.

    what if users require spritesheets larger than 1024px??

    it’s not a very futureproof width i’m afraid.

  9. S, feel free to open and edit this script and change the dimensions to the ones you need (remember the maximum amount allowed by Apple is 4096×4096). I am not planning to update this script anytime soon (as I have lots of other projects on my plate at this moment).

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